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To be able to offer the best care and all the necessary attention for your pet, the Dogo Azul counts on a fantastic team, the same in their proffessional education as also in their human quality .

We like to take care of all the aspects of the health and wellbeing of your pet. That goes even from before the pet comes to your family until he or she sadly leaves us after hopefully long happy healthy years. It starts before the arrival because an adecuate election of the breed or nonbreed, and size according to your own family-constellation is important for a happy coexistence

At any time we help you with profesional and individualized advice on nutrion, behaviour, socialization , higiene and any other theme of interest regarding the general health of your pet or any particularities of different breeds, gendre,etc., just like special situations of our environment like processionary caterpillars, toads, fishing hooks or diseases less known in other northern European countries such as Leishmaniosis, Filariosis (heartworm-disease) and their possible prevention. Please ask us about any doubt you might have or information you would like to obtain .

To be able to give the best possible service we have a basic team of receptionists, technicians and vets and collaborate with groomers, caretakers, dogwalkers,etc.

We always want to offer the nicest human treatment and most profesional veterinary attention , so sometimes we have to count o external specialists who might come to our practices or we refer your pet to a more specialized hospital. The best care for your pet is always primary and the most important issue .

As the owner of the Dogo Azul Clinics I am very proud of our team and know day after day they give their best. It is important for them to take care of your pet´s wellbeing with a loving attitude and enjoy their work and continuous education and feel fulfilled by doing their job with great professionality.


Dr. Sabine Plaschka

Our Team

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